Your earnings, my time!

Have something you’d like to sell but haven’t gotten around to it?  Or maybe you just don’t want to hassle with posting your items online or dealing with potential buyers? Perhaps you’re an artist and would like to widen your online customer base, but want to continue focusing on your art at the same time? When it comes to selling our things everybody can do it, but not everybody has the time.  From furniture to collectibles to electronics to vehicles to arts and crafts, I’d love to sell it for you!

Did you know that Ebay has monthly selling limits?  As a beginning Ebay seller, an individual  can only list up to $500 total in items.  So if you are looking to list an item on Ebay for more than $500, and have never sold on Ebay before, you can’t!  However, Steve Sells Your Stuff has a $35,000 monthly limit!  And as a power seller with an official Ebay store, Ebay fees are as low as 4% (as opposed to the normal 10% for any item).

Check out “How It Works”  for an explanation of the process and information on pricing.

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Steve is also an accomplished TUTOR and currently tutoring in Photography, Reading, Writing, Religion, Bible, Public Speaking and Guitar.  Click HERE for more info.

Contact Steve at or (509)-881-8897.

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